TPA Foundation

Tennessee Press Association Foundation

The Tennessee Press Association Foundation was established in 1976.

Vision Statement

Promote optimal quality in Tennessee Press Association member newspapers by making educational opportunities available to all newspaper personnel and students, in related fields, in a socially, ethically, and financially responsible manner.

Mission Statement

Raise and disburse funds to enable the Tennessee Press Association Foundation to be valued, and recognized nationally, as a statewide provider of quality educational opportunities for the benefit of Tennessee Press Association member newspapers by:

• Anticipating and meeting educational needs in the fields of journalism, first amendment issues, advertising, business, and technology;

• Developing and promoting awareness of Tennessee Press Association member newspapers to the general reading public;

• Promoting a work environment at Tennessee Press Association member newspapers conducive to producing high quality, nationally recognized, community newspapers and related products for our readers and advertising customers; and

• Providing appropriate recognition of those Tennessee newspaper professionals who are selected for inclusion in the Tennessee Newspaper Hall of Fame.

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Tennessee Press Association Foundation Board of Trustees
July 2018- July 2019

President: Victor Parkins
Vice President: R. Michael Fishman
Secretary-Treasurer: Carol Daniels
General Counsel: Richard L. Hollow

Bob Atkins
Eric Barnes
Jim Charlet
Nathan Crawford
David Critchlow, Jr.
Elenora E. Edwards

John Finney
Jeffrey Fishman
R. Jack Fishman
R. Michael Fishman
W. R. (Ron) Fryar 

Dale Gentry
Doug Horne
Gregg K. Jones
John M. Jones, Jr.

Janet Rail
Dennis Richardson
Pauline Sherrer
Chris Vass
Joel Washburn
Michael Williams
Keith Wilson
Chris Vass

Emeritus Status
Vernon McKinney
Larry K. Smith
Bill Williams

last updated 7/2/19