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Contact Us

Contact us

Tennessee Press Association
Tennessee Press Service
TPA Foundation

412 N. Cedar Bluff Road
Suite 403
Knoxville, TN 37923

Phone 865-584-5761
Fax 865-558-8687

Staff Directory

E-mail sent to these addresses should not be considered personal and could be read by other employees of Tennessee Press Service, Inc.

Mark Millsap
Executive Director
(865) 584-5761, Ext. 106

Robyn Gentile
Member Services Manager
(865) 584-5761, Ext. 105

Earl Goodman
Media Buyer Manager
(865) 584-5761, Ext. 110

Mary Ella Hazelwood
Advertising Sales
(615) 397-1260

Rebecca McLeskey
Accounting Assistant
(865) 584-5761, Ext. 103

Becky Moats
Networks Coordinator
(931) 905-4465

Alisa Subhakul
Media Buyer
(865) 584-5761, Ext. 109

Directions to Tennessee Press Association/Tennessee Press Service:

412 N. Cedar Bluff Road Suite 403 Knoxville, TN 37923

(865) 584-5761

As of 8/20/16, we are located in West Knoxville off of Interstate 40’s Cedar Bluff exit.

We are in The Pinnacle Building located at 412 N. Cedar Bluff Road on the Fourth Floor.