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Links to Media Law Resources
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The following is a list of Web sites that can assist individuals who are researching issues pertaining to the courts, legislative bodies and administrative law. Links here provide information at the state and federal level. This information was prepared by students at Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City, Tennessee, under the direction of Don Campbell, instructor of the media law class. Contributing students were Joey King, Tiffany Surgenor and Lee Jones.


Section 1: These sites pertain mostly to issues at the federal or multi-state level.
This web site contains links to both federal and state links. There are also various links to legal books and other assistants in researching court decisions, laws and regulations at both the federal and state levels. The site claims to be, “Where legal research begins on the web.”
The Legal Information Institute 
Part of Cornell University Law School, it is an award-winning site that offers Supreme Court Decisions along with the Constitution, decisions of Lower Federal Courts, U.S. Code (acts of Congress), and Important statutes and related material
has assembled references of use to people doing Federal legal research.  The site also contains links to databases about Arbitration and Mediation rules, General Research and Reference, Professional Associations and Organizations, and How-to Legal-related Sites.
Law Library of Congress 
The Guide to Law Online is an annotated compendium of Internet links; a portal of Internet sources of interest to legal researchers pertaining to state laws.An extremely helpful way to find information about any state.
Internet Leagal Reseach Group 
A website devoted to help find a federal or state court with access information and known contacts.
National Center for State Courts
 A website database that state court websites, federal court websites, tribal court websites, and international court websites.
Gallagher Law Reseach
A website through University of Washington Law School with directories and guides to finding agency regulations, and finding agency decisions.
Under this website there are links under the title Laws and Regulations; that direct researches to federal, state, and local links.
This site covers the area of constitutional law and also contains various links dealing with court decisions and appeals at both the state and federal levels.
Subscription fee required.
Subscription fee required.
This web site is a great place to search for court decisions. There are numerous links for various types of courts.
This is a site to the University of Tennessee, College of Law, Library. This web site contains information for both the federal and state levels. The particular link listed above deals with federal cases, but there are other links that will lead one to state cases, laws, and regulations.
This site connects with the University of Memphis Law Library. There are various sites specifically for the state of Tennessee along with federal sites.
This is a site directing researches to the U.S. Supreme Court. It allows users to search Supreme Court files regarding any topic.
This site has various links dealing with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
This site is a very good site as well for both the federal and state levels. Areas such as cases, codes, statutes and regulations are linked on this web site. A section specifically for Tennessee is found at

Section 2: These sites pertain mostly to Tennessee issues
The Tennessee General Assembly–The official Web site.
The online version of the tradtional guide to Tennessee and Tennessee government published by the Tennessee Secretary of State.
Comprehensive guide to Tennessee administrative law including regulations as established by the various regulatory agencies. Extremely helpful!
Helpful resources to the Tennessee legislature, administrative law, case law, local governments and more.
This site is a directory to help search for court cases, laws, and reviews from the Tennessee Court of Appeals.
Tennessee Criminal Law Resources- This site has a copy of the Tennessee Constitution as well as many other links to criminal law information.
Law Library of Congress
This is the direct web address to the state of Tennessee’s Law Library of Congress which gives important links and information about the judiciary, legislative and executive branches. It also has links to law guides and miscellaneous law material.
Tennessee Electronic Transaction Legislation and Regulations-This gives information about the laws and rules of e-transaction and commerce. It also has links to other web sites such as the Global E-commerce and the Guide to Law in Tennessee.