Public Notice Journalism Contest Deadline Dec. 31

The Tennessee Public Notice Journalism Contest is administered by Tennessee Press Association and recognizes journalists that use public notice, or the lack of required public notice, to raise awareness of its importance.  The award is intended to encourage reporters and editors to incorporate public notices into their reporting and writing.

Criteria for the award mirrors that of the national Public Notice Journalism Contest administered annually by the Public Notice Resource Center (PNRC.)  The winner of the Tennessee Public Notice Journalism Contest will be advanced to the national contest automatically.  Tennessee Press Association is a member of the PNRC.  Judges for the contest will be recognized journalism scholars or professionals.


The annual award is given to a Tennessee Press Association member newspaper journalist, or team of journalists, for utilizing public notices to generate stories of interest or importance to readers.  A prize of $200 will be awarded to the winning journalist or divided among a team of winning journalists.  There is a $700 prize available to the winner of the national PNRC Contest.  


• One award will be announced in January 2020 for a story published in calendar year 2019.

• For purposes of this contest, newspaper public notices are defined as those announcements or disclosures that are statutorily required by a private party or governmental entity, and which must be published in a newspaper of general circulation.

• Submissions must be a news or feature story that involves a public notice or lack of notice. No editorials.

• Stories must cite the public notice requirement and refer readers to the publication in which it appeared.  Online references must include links.  If public notice requirements were not met or were deficient, the story must explain how and why the notice was deficient.

• Stories must have been originally published in print.  Clippings may be scanned  or a PDF and must include the date, and must be submitted as a PDF file. 


Entries are due to Tennessee Press Association via email to:  You will receive an acknowledgement via email.


The deadline to submit entries is Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019.