Members change TPA Constitution, Daniels appointed executive director

Members vote to change the TPA Constitution & Bylaws
Carol Daniels appointed as TPA’s executive director

Results of the membership vote on whether or not to remove Article VII, Section 6 of the TPA Constitution were presented to the Board of Directors on July 12. The membership voted to change the TPA Constitution and the following has been removed from the document.

Removed July 12, 2018—“Section 6. No employee may have when employed or acquire while employed any ownership of any media property or a company which owns any media property, including stock ownership. This provision shall also apply to the spouse or dependent children of any employee. 
“However any present employee or potential employee may continue to own or commence employment even if they hold interest as heretofore prohibited provided they present a plan of divestiture of such interest which is approved by the Board of Directors.”

The changes made it possible for the Board of Directors to appoint Carol Daniels as executive director of TPA. She had been serving as the functional equivalent through TPA’s contract with Tennessee Press Service, which allows TPS to provide operational oversight, management and government relations services for the Association.