Deadline: TPA Ad/Circ Ideas Contest, Extended to Feb. 20, 2019

This event has ended

Ideas Contest rules/entry information

Here are better instructions for accessing the system.  The ones in our rules brochure had an error so here is how you actually sign in.  People can call me all day with questions at (865) 584-5761, ext. 105 .

  • Please go to:
  • Click on contestant login in the top middle of the screen
  • Scroll down to 2019 Ideas Contest on the left and scroll down to your newspaper on the right
  • Enter your password:  Ideas19
  • The system will send a validation email to whatever email is listed with the account so be sure to check the account info and make any changes.  The validation email often goes to spam, so please check your spam folder if you don’t immediately receive the validation email.