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Tennessee Press Association
Tennessee Press Service
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412 N. Cedar Bluff Road
Suite 403
Knoxville, TN 37923
Phone 865-584-5761
Fax 865-558-8687

Staff Directory

Notice: E-mail sent to these addresses should not be considered personal and could be read by other employees of Tennessee Press Service, Inc.

To send an e-mail, address it by using the initital of the first name and the full last name @tnpress.com except as noted.

last updated 11/20/17

Laurie Alford

Laurie Alford, Controller
(865) 584-5761, Ext. 102



Carol Daniels, Executive Vice President (TPS)
(865) 584-5761, Ext. 112
Erin Day, TPS Accounting Assistant
(865) 584-5761, Ext. 103
Jessica Ferguson, Advertising Assistant
(865) 584-5761, Ext. 109
Robyn Gentile Robyn Gentile, Member Services Manager
(865) 584-5761, Ext. 105

Earl Goodman, Media Buyer
(865) 584-5761, Ext. 110
Kevin Slimp
Kevin Slimp, Technology Director
(865) 584-5761, Ext. 107
David Wells, General Manager/Advertising Director
(865) 584-5761, Ext. 108

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